General information
The MNE2022 Scientific Committee welcome submissions of high quality for 4 thematically focussed issues of Micro and Nano Engineering (MNE by Elsevier), related to the conference topics listed below. There are two different submission types:
♦ Oral presentations
♦ Poster presentations
MNE poster papers have equal weight to oral presentations. The Scientific Committee will decide on the final format of presentation.

Deadline for abstract submission: June 20th, 2022, 24:00 ECT
Acceptance : June 24th,2022

Topics and subtopics
The complete list of the topics for MNE2022 can be found below. For each topic, there is a wide range of subtopics. Please note that you can only select subtopics within one topic.
Topic 1 - Novel Developments in Nano/Micro Fabrication Methods and Processes
► Lithography
► Patterning, including plasma and beam etching
► Materials
► Surface preparation and cleaning
► Computer-aided predictive nanofabrication

Topic 2 - Fabrication and Integration of Micro/Nano Structures, Devices and Systems
► Nanofabrication (other than nanopatterning), nanomanipulation, transfer, bonding technology
► “Smart” (multi-)functional surfaces with wetting, optical and/or biological functionality, plasma surface engineering; 
► Use of metamaterials, 2D materials into innovative devices
► Fabrication and Integration of MEMS/NEMS and nanodevices
► Thermoforming (2D-to-3D shaping), injection molding, soft embossing, 3D nanomanufacturing, microprinting and rapid prototyping, additive microfabrication
► System design, simulation and Integration
► Inspection, process control and manufacturability testing
► Packaging technology and reliability

Topic 3 - Micro/Nano Engineering for Physical and Chemical Applications
► Energy
► Physical and chemical sensors
► Optics and photonics, plasmonics
► Phononics/acoustics, thermoelectricity
► Nanomagnetism, data Storage & memory
► Flexible & large area electronics, organic electronics

Topic 4 - Micro/Nano Engineering for the Life Sciences

► Bio-inspired technologies. bio-mimetic surfaces
► Packaging, biocompatibility, degradable-/disposable packaging
► Micro and nano fluidic systems and their fabrication
► Processing of nanoparticles: manipulation, detection, sensing, sorting
► Membranes and nanopore technology
► Design, fabrication, recycling of micro-nano devices for life sciences
► Interfacing biomaterials and bio-entities with devices and systems
► New process technologies for life sciences: plasma treatment, beams, etc...
► Applications in health, environmental monitoring, food safety, agrofood, nutrition and agriculture, E-waste reduction, recycling of disposable devices

 You have to use this abstract template for submitting your abstract

Deadline for abstract submission: June 20th, 2022
Acceptance : June 24th, 2022

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