The MNE conferences are a yearly event, moving across european cities, with an approximate cycle of 11 years. It is promoted by the the international Micro and Nano Engineering society.

Previous conference, with an active website, are

  • MNE2021, Torino (Italy)
  • MNE2020 was cancelled due to  the Covid outbreak
  • MNE2019, Rhodes (Greece)
  • MNE2018, Copenhaguen (Denmark)
  • MNE2017, Braga (Portugal)
  • MNE2016, Vienna (Austria)
  • MNE2015, The Hague (The Natherlands)
  • MNE2014, Lausanne (Switzerland)
  • MNE2013, London (United Kingdom)
  • MNE2012, Toulouse (France)
  • MNE2011, Berlin (Germany)
  • MNE2010, Genoa (Italy)
  • MNE2009, Ghent (Belgium)