Prof. Sten VollebregtProf. Sten Vollebregt (IEEE Senior member) received his B.Sc. ('06) and M.Sc. ('09), both cum laude, in Electrical Engineering from Delft University of Technology. For his master thesis, he investigated the growth of carbon nanotubes at NanoLab, Newton, MA, USA and AIXTRON, Cambridge, UK. In 2014 he completed his Ph.D. thesis in the Microelectronics Department of the Delft University of Technology on the low-temperature high-density growth of carbon nanotubes for application as vertical interconnects in 3D monolithic integrated circuits. After obtaining his Ph.D., he held a post-doc position on the wafer-scale integration of graphene for sensing applications together with the faculty of Mechanical Engineering and several industrial partners. During this research, he developed a unique transfer-free wafer-scale CVD graphene process. Since Oct. 2017, he is an assistant professor in the Laboratory of Electronic Components, Technology and Materials of the Delft University of Technology where his research focuses on the integration of emerging electronic materials into semiconductor technology for sensing applications. His research interests are (carbon-based) nanomaterials, 3D monolithic integration, wide-bandgap semiconductors, and (harsh) environmental sensors. Dr. Vollebregt is editor of the journal of Micro and Nano Engineering, guest editor at MDPI Materials, and has served as TPC member for the IEEE MEMS conference. He has co-authored over 50 journal publications, 4 book chapters, and holds 3 patents.