Superconductor-based micro and nanostructures represent essential building blocks in the development of current and future quantum technology. Mastering this technology and tackling the current challenges requires a broad spectrum of complementing stakeholders ranging from academic fundamental research to micro and nano-engineering. With the aim to foster and booster the interaction between science and technology related to the fabrication and integration of novel superconducting micro and nanodevices, dedicated sessions on Superconducting Micro- and Nano-Devices (SMND) are organized in collaboration with the KULeuven and the University of Liège, by Prof. Joris Van de Vondel (KULeuven) and Prof. Alejandro Silhanek (ULiège). The sessions will focus on Superconducting nanosensors, Superconductor hybrid devices and Superconducting devices for quantum technology.  To strengthen the program, invited talks will be given by key speakers in the field. The SMND Special Sessions will feature a Best Oral Presentation award.

We are happy to announce that the SMND 2022 Best Student Oral Presentation award has been attributed to Mr Jacques van Damme (imec v.z.w. and KULeuven - Belgium) for his talk entitled

Argon Milling Induced Loss Mechanisms in Superconducting Quantum Circuits

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The SMND workshop will feature the following guest speakers:

  • Prof. Erik Bakkers (TU Eindhoven, The Netherlands)
    • Reducing disorder in hybrid semiconductor/superconductor nanowire devices
    • Prof. Francesco Giazotto (CNR/Scuola Normale Superiore in Pisa, Italy)
      • Thermal superconducting quantum Interference proximity transistor
      • Prof. Attila Geresdi (Chalmers university, Sweden)
        • Andreev bound states in semiconductor nanowires: the road towards quantum technology

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